Selected Poems Online


excerpts from “Process Music” up at


The Elephants


Excerpt of "I Have Never Been Able to Sing" up at Apartment Poetry 

"Poem in Which You Become the Hands on my Stomach" and "Poem in Which 30 Years Pass By in 4 Months" up at Folder

“Poem in Which You Become An Imaginary Being,” at Bone Bouquet

“It’s Getting Stronger” at Prelude

“Something Tells You To Look (Elegy) at Pinwheel

“Elegy (Figure in Light” and “Elegy (Museum)” in NightBlock

“Silence (An Index) in Vinyl Poetry

“Pliny” and “No Wars Forget Me” in Oversound

"Study of my Body Lifting Off the Ground in H_ngm_n

"Anchovies" in Jellyfish 

“Study of my Body the Pantomime” in Matter Monthly

“17 Sounds for Saint Cecilia” in Matter Monthly

“Nothing Works (Everyone’s Praying),” “Poem Sung to an Empty Room,” and “Notes for Waking up in a New Room” up at Divine Magnet

“Study of my Body in Mourning” at Ampersand Review

Poems forthcoming from Folder & Apartment Poetry